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100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets

Bamboo Blankoona

100% Organic Bamboo Quilt Cover Set

100% Organic Bamboo Blankets

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Team Bamboo

At Bamboo Beach Shack, we use the words ‘life-changing’ a lot. Bamboo has changed our lives, and we think it can change other people’s too.

Evolving from humble origins at the Carrara Markets on the Gold Coast, this family business started through my Mother, who started wearing bamboo clothing to help with her eczema and the sleeping issues it caused. 

We’ve discovered, through research and customer feedback, that bamboo can help with so many health issues, but one thing that everyone agrees on is that it’s also just seriously, insanely comfortable. 

You’ll never forget your first sleep on bamboo sheets.

Not all bamboo fabric is made equal though, so when it comes to bamboo, the quality makes a huge difference to the benefits you’ll receive. 

That's why we focus on finding only the best bamboo products available in the world.

We’ve spent years testing and researching to find manufacturers who can maintain consistent, premium quality at a great price.

Here at Bamboo HQ our mission is to help you access the amazing health and lifestyle benefits of bamboo through offering our products at an affordable price.

We offer free delivery too!

We love changing lives and we look forward to hearing your own, life-changing story!

Ricky and the bamboo team

Where You'll Find Us!

Tweed Heads is on the border of Northern NSW and Queensland’s, the Gold Coast. 

Home to amazing beaches, abundant sunlight and healthy lifestyles, it’s been the perfect place to set-up our retail store and HQ. 

If you’re in the area, drop by and say hello! You can also take the opportunity to experience just how amazing bamboo feels compared to other fabrics you might be used to. 

We also stock a range of super comfortable bamboo clothing and underwear as well as gifts and baby products. 

Looking forward to meeting you soon!