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100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets

Bamboo Blankoona

100% Organic Bamboo Quilt Cover Set

100% Organic Bamboo Blankets

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Bamboo Blankoona Pillowcase Set COMING SOON

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Luxury 100% Organic Bamboo Quilt Cover

Silver Night

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Set includes-1 x Quilt cover & 2 x pillow cases

Colour - Silver Night (which perfectly matches any of our bamboo sheet set colours).

Are you addicted to bamboo bedding? Our bamboo quilt cover is made from natural bamboo fibre making it silky smooth and soft to touch. If you're looking for a bamboo quilt cover in Australia, we believe this is one of the very best!

  • Bamboo fibre is moisture wicking and 3 x more absorbent than cotton, which means the skin is left feeling drier, faster.
  • Anti-bacterial to keep your doona/quilt odour free for longer.
  • Hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin - especially those with eczema and similar skin complaints.

Designed to make it easy, each quilt cover is finished with snap fasteners, to keep your doona where it's supposed to be!


100% Organic Bamboo 

Blankoona Pillow Cases

For the ultimate sleeping experience, add Blankoona bamboo pillow cases to your ensemble. 

With the soft, padded top of a Blankoona, and the same luxury, cloud-like feel, you can be curled up in silky-smooth bamboo heaven night after night.

Once you've tried an all-bamboo bed, you'll never want to sleep on anything else!


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