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Extra Thick Bamboo Socks - 6 pack


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If you've never tried Bamboo Socks, these will change your life! These Extra Thick socks are perfect for hikers, people who live in cooler climes and anyone who likes nice warm feet in winter time. They are: 

- Breathable and moisture wicking (reduces that uncomfortable sweaty foot feeling)

- Antibacterial (say goodbye to stinky socks! Odour causing bacteria can't thrive on bamboo fabric)

- Hypoallergenic (keeping your skin comfortable, even if it's really sensitive)

- Durable (these babies will last you for years!)

The Bamboo Blankoona

Have you heard about our machine washable bamboo blankoona?

It is the ultimate in affordable luxury blankets!

Say goodbye to buttons, zips and quilts not fitting properly. This is a wonderful low maintenance option for all year round!

Our customers don't just love the remarkable softness but also how easy it is to wash and make the bed!

For many years we had customers telling us their thin blanket was too cold in winter and their thick doona was just too hot in summer. This is why we designed this versatile Blanket Doona.

Change the way you sleep forever and try one of our very special blankoonas.

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