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100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets

Bamboo Blankoona

100% Organic Bamboo Quilt Cover Set

100% Organic Bamboo Blankets

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Business Comfort Bamboo Socks - 6 pack


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If you've never tried Bamboo Socks, these will change your life! These business socks are

- Breathable and moisture wicking (reduces that uncomfortable sweaty foot feeling)

- Antibacterial (say goodbye to stinky socks! Odour causing bacteria can't thrive on bamboo fabric)

- Hypoallergenic (keeping your skin comfortable, even if it's really sensitive)

- Durable (these babies will last you for years!)

Blankoona Pillow Cases

For the ultimate sleeping experience, add Blankoona bamboo pillow cases to your ensemble. 

With the soft, padded top of a Blankoona, and the same luxury, cloud-like feel, you can be curled up in silky-smooth bamboo heaven night after night.

Once you've tried an all-bamboo bed, you'll never want to sleep on anything else!


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